Professionals Record Party Mishaps So Well

You know when you have a big family occasion on your hands – everyone gets dressed up to the nines and there’s an atmosphere of panic that someone’s going to make a mess of something.  Anniversaries for example – the cake arrives covered with the most fantastic decorations and it’s brought to the display table with calm dignity.  A couple of hours later there’s much merriment and carousing going on and the youngsters get a bit silly with the balloons.  The resulting havoc with cake and china everywhere.  Now that’s exactly where a good photographer can make a ghastly scene into something really amusing and eventually the event of the year!  When there is a serious mishap occuring, rather than pretend nothing happened, celebrate anyway and just add the hilarious pictures to the family album.   Knowing how to take a really good shot, taking light and shadow into account, is something that professionals excel at.