Plain Pastures Give Way To The Dreaming Spires

I was out and about with my aged mother some time last year – when she was still up to accepting an invite out for the sheer fun of it!  When she became too ill to stay in her own home, and the hospital had done their worst, she couldn’t go back to living alone, so she was placed in care in a village outside the major town of Oxford.

This particular village is odd, there is very little to it, no main street, no shops anywhere and the main buildings are the Open University summer school;  Away from the  campus there are some really top notch photographic opportunities.  The view over one picket fence across a couple of miles of fields is a rare beauty that John Betjamin used to speak volumes of.  It is one of the most phographed pastures, not for the foreground but for the complete view of the dreaming spires of Oxford.