First Baby Photographic Magic Needed

Ah now that the yuletide festivities have come, been enjoyed to the nth degree, and finally gone, I can safely say that really was the most wonderful year end for some time.  We had family celebrations – a baby in our midst, the first one since 1989 when baby’s uncle made his  eventual appearance.   This year we were all happy to be seen having pics taken with the much awaited first grandchild   Funny how we make such a big deal over the first.  Same thing happened with my own siblngs – because our dad was away in the navy during our babyhood and toddler years, mum took lots of pics of our eldest to send out to wherever he was stationed.  Then when the younger lot appeared, the desire for pics lessened because of the ‘been there, done that’ syndrome!   Good photographs were done professionally in those days and can still be hard to beat.