Essential Family History From Formal Family Portraits

Despite the ver rapid rise of phone only photography with which we all gather and exchange the latest on social media, there is a sad demise in the number of really good quality family portraits hanging on walls now.  At one time this was the only way of ensuring folk could show they had got means and were willing to show it.  For those engaged in tracing family trees and ancestry, the family photo album of the past has been tremendously important.  My own daughter, with the help of scribbled pages of family history, looking into her paternal familes  . . .  the earliest portrait is c.1875, the great great, great grandparents with their brood aged from 2 years up to 32.  The next is one of those elder daughters in 1905 with her own brood of 13, exactly the same age ranges then 1919, the youngest of the previous set , together with 6 of his elder sisters, on his wedding, thus becoming my daughter’s great grandparents.