Envy Of The Inexperienced Photographer

Ah the twitter of little birds and all the racket their parents make with the nesting operation – not that I want to sound in any way like an old misery.  It is absolutely fantastic how quickly the winter has disappeared from memory and the springtime activities have really got under way.  I have always wanted to be a better picture taker than I have ever rmanaged to be.  I have tried many times to focus properly on a scene and although I can see in my minds eye what I want the image to portay, I am so often disappionted with the lack of clarity or the bird I was snapping has long legged it by the time I’ve pressed the ‘go’ button !

What I really need is to study the art of the photographer in more detail, bone up on the essentials needed to frame a really good shot.  I probably need a bette rcamera outfit and I definitely need some guidance !