City Of Spires For Good Photos Inspires

We are really lucky in this country to be able to travel freely, walk on almost any area of common land, over brooks, up and down trails etc.  There was a time of course before Rambling was actually allowed, when private landowners had sole rights over the use of the footpaths.  Now though we can literally ramble to our hearts content, subject to bodily capability of course.  There are some really gorgeous areas in each county too.  A relative has been installed in a high end care home in a hamlet just out of the city centre.  The views are wonderful, from a good vantage point, down across a valley and over the soaring spires – hence Oxford’s romantic reputation.     There are some wonderful viewing points for taking a good photo too – just right for the family snaps.  A good photographic studio will also supply top quality advice and equipment for amateur snappers and other professionals alike.