Children In Need Benefit From Skillful Photography

Now here is something that a camera, a little advice, possibly a decent tripod and acres of time and patience will benefit from . . tv Countryfile’s annual photographic competition.   They have a different theme each season and their strict rules insist that only original pictures are submitted, that have never been submitted to be published elsewhere, definitely taken in the British countryside and it must caption where and when it was taken.   The popularity of this exerecise has steadily risen over many years.  Thousands upon thousands arriveto be glanced at, whittled down to so many hundred.  These are then subjected to more scrutiny until the last 12 are chosen.  The judges are current celebrities – usually with an idea how to take a really good picture.  The main judge then has to pick an overall winner.   The winning 12 go on to form the annual countryside calender which is sold in millions to support the BBC Children In Need charity.