Catching The Autumnal Spectacle As a Keepsake

One thing I have noticed in recent years as I’ve got  older is how much I appreciate the beauty of the autumnal months.  I have taken to snapping pics of beautiful trees and woodland views whenever I am out and about.  Those gorgeous russet and gold beech and horse-chestnut trees that drop such gorgeous leaves so readily.  It’s a picture we can conjure up so easily – a snapshot of life that is as strong an image as anything ever seen on news broadcasts or documentaries.  We didn’t give a thought to this scene ever changing.  With the advent of much longer, hotter and drier spring, summer and autumn seasons, the trees are very prone to drought and this wonderful spectacle may not always remain the same.   Watching a fantastic autumn wildlife and nature series that has become a main seasonal treat for most families on tv highlights the need to take pictures of these scenes of beauty.