Best Pics Come From Unexpected Surprises

I was visiting a very ancient relative a few months ago – she is 96 next birthday and lives in a care home.  Poor old girl , in a load of nonsense – impossible to try and follow the plot, but she is very content most of the time.  I was fortunate to choose the same afternoon to visit as her grandaughter who was bringing the great grandaughter for a visit.  To our delight there was a professional photographer on the presmises.  He’d been booked to attend the 100th birthday of a resident, and having fulfilled the brief, was packing away his equipment when he saw the wee tot playing peeka boo behin his shade.   Well, before we knew it, rather than  stop the momentus to ask permission he was snapping her at play.  I saw the result the other day – he’d been grateful to get such an impromptu display to practice on, he sent the mum a lovely little album, via the care home.