Oil On Canvass & Photograph – Capturing Same View

I have recently become active in the volunteer role at a stately home – it is something I’ve often wondered about, having had good experiences at some truly fabulous old properties on my travels around the country.  What I didn’t appreciate until I took on this mantle myself, is how beautiful the grounds and gardens […]

Essential Family History From Formal Family Portraits

Despite the ver rapid rise of phone only photography with which we all gather and exchange the latest on social media, there is a sad demise in the number of really good quality family portraits hanging on walls now.  At one time this was the only way of ensuring folk could show they had got […]

Photographer Expertise Still Needed

We’ve had the most amazing weather this winter.  I can’t remember ever having this many storms, gusts of wind up to 100 miles per hour with rain, fog, snow all in one day.  This must be a result of gradual planet warming.  It doesn’t seem all that long ago when I was a nipper, we […]

First Baby Photographic Magic Needed

Ah now that the yuletide festivities have come, been enjoyed to the nth degree, and finally gone, I can safely say that really was the most wonderful year end for some time.  We had family celebrations – a baby in our midst, the first one since 1989 when baby’s uncle made his  eventual appearance.   This […]

City Of Spires For Good Photos Inspires

We are really lucky in this country to be able to travel freely, walk on almost any area of common land, over brooks, up and down trails etc.  There was a time of course before Rambling was actually allowed, when private landowners had sole rights over the use of the footpaths.  Now though we can […]

Children In Need Benefit From Skillful Photography

Now here is something that a camera, a little advice, possibly a decent tripod and acres of time and patience will benefit from . . tv Countryfile’s annual photographic competition.   They have a different theme each season and their strict rules insist that only original pictures are submitted, that have never been submitted to […]

Local Scenery Steals It For Promo Work

Adjoining my neighbour’s there are fields belonging to the farm in the next village – we are at the top of what used to be known as Hilly Farm, and going through the lytch gate, past the bridlepath, you walk through to an amazing sight.  The field itself is nothing to write home about, a […]