Best Pics Come From Unexpected Surprises

I was visiting a very ancient relative a few months ago – she is 96 next birthday and lives in a care home.  Poor old girl , in a load of nonsense – impossible to try and follow the plot, but she is very content most of the time.  I was fortunate to choose the […]

Professionals Record Party Mishaps So Well

You know when you have a big family occasion on your hands – everyone gets dressed up to the nines and there’s an atmosphere of panic that someone’s going to make a mess of something.  Anniversaries for example – the cake arrives covered with the most fantastic decorations and it’s brought to the display table […]

Catching The Autumnal Spectacle As a Keepsake

One thing I have noticed in recent years as I’ve got  older is how much I appreciate the beauty of the autumnal months.  I have taken to snapping pics of beautiful trees and woodland views whenever I am out and about.  Those gorgeous russet and gold beech and horse-chestnut trees that drop such gorgeous leaves […]

For A Truly Polished Image, Use The Professionals

There is something really exciting about the picture of a nail polish spilling out all over the shop.   It does seem the only real way of showing off the finish and colour the product can achieve on my hands – the many pics of immactuately manicured nails in a cosmetic catalogue just doesn’t cut it […]

Professional Camera Problems At Coronation. Sorted.

I was watching a programme, one of many hundreds on currently, recalling the coronation in June 1953.  I chose this particular one because the host is a chap who is very classy but also warmly engaging  as a quiz show host.  Anyhow, he was interviewing real people who had been present in Westmindster Abbey for […]

Professional Know How Catches Maximum Interest

When you start your first business, be it an extension to a crafting success that now has potential to become a best seller, or you are working on a smaller scale art project that could expand, you need really good publicity and marketing.  Just taking pics on the phone and posting on social media has […]

Oil On Canvass & Photograph – Capturing Same View

I have recently become active in the volunteer role at a stately home – it is something I’ve often wondered about, having had good experiences at some truly fabulous old properties on my travels around the country.  What I didn’t appreciate until I took on this mantle myself, is how beautiful the grounds and gardens […]