Local Scenery Steals It For Promo Work

Adjoining my neighbour’s there are fields belonging to the farm in the next village – we are at the top of what used to be known as Hilly Farm, and going through the lytch gate, past the bridlepath, you walk through to an amazing sight.  The field itself is nothing to write home about, a field is a field is a field.  But the surrounding pathways and copse along each of the other 3 sides are breathtakingly attractive and a brilliant subject for a photographic competition or to promote goods or services.  The light in the evening is stunning at this time of year and I notice that along with the regular dog walkers, there are more amateur photographers popping out of bushes these days.

When a particular theme is needed for a promotion or advertising charm offensive, it would be ideal.  This is where the professional studio and agency comes in – they have the expertise to frame a scene and make it work for you.