1960s TV Series Shows Advances In Photography

I have been enjoying the first series of Bewitched from way back in the 1960s.  We used to watch it on our black and white tv and it was hilariously funny – fancy someone so modern being a witch and able to make the most dull and mundane task look like fun and be able to clear up a shambles in a second – with that magical twitchy nose.  The interesting things nowadays, some 40 years after they were first aired, is the amazing advances in technology that the US enjoyed back in the day.  The husband in the show is an top advertising executive – who know anyone owning up to being one of those today?  In a couple of episodes, they show a camerman getting a personality guest artist to pose, or pretend to be carrying out a task.  The equipment is seriously bulky and there’s much fuss about iht aperatures and the like.  So different from today’s camera !