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Welcome to Oxfordshire 360 Photography website. We're a small business specialising in the production, management and photography services of all things to do with Oxfordshire. We use the latest it outcomes service provider to assist and aid us in creating beautifully manufactured photo's for all types of occassions be it weddings or special occasions. By enhancing the power of technology and IT, we provide hi-tech photo services.

Children In Need Benefit From Skillful Photography

Now here is something that a camera, a little advice, possibly a decent tripod and acres of time and patience will benefit from . . tv Countryfile’s annual photographic competition.   They have a different theme each season and their strict rules insist that only original pictures are submitted, that have never been submitted to

Time For Taking Stock Of Picture Skills

There can be no nicer hobby on a sunny day than photography – the hundreds of gorgeous images that flood the mind.  Birds on the wing, butterflies floating above beautifully colourful flowers and shrubs.  The riverside with all the permutations there – ducks, moorhens, swans, then there are the pedaloes in the height of summer.

Avoid The Problem Of Shaking With A Tripod

In professional photography, a tripod can help you consider low photographs on products from the best. This can be done after you place the subject on the floor plus arrange the tripod on top of or even slightly within the object, and then take a shot. So choosing a quality tripod is very essential because